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    Corporate loans

    With regards to other debt advisory capabilities, we provide premium services to our clients relating to corporate, trade, gold mining and EM sovereign debt transaction. These services include:

    • Western European / US / Canada, Australia /New Zealand / Singapore corporate debt transactions
    • Trade finance and Invoice discounting to the corporate clients from regions listed above and who are trading either against reputable bank LCs or selling to reputable clients
    • Debt to emerging markets sovereign or sub-sovereign entities
    • Debt financing to gold mining companies who have proven reserve with JORC/NI 43-101 compliant BFS reports

    Our services are wide-reaching, and we provide them primarily to clients in different parts of the world, including the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.

    Corporate and Trade Finance

    Business loans

    Our services under this area are currently made up of three different aspects, namely; Trade Finance, Invoice Discounting, and Corporate Loans. For these financial transactions, our services are available to clients within and outside the United Kingdom. We also reach clients and facilitate transactions in Western Europe, the United States and Canada, parts of Asia (for example, Singapore), and some of the geographically farthest countries in the world, including New Zealand and Australia. We work with our clients on deals of different sizes, ranging from $2m - $10bn.

    Trade Finance

    Business finance

    We assist our clients, old and new, in facilitating international trade and commerce. We have the capability to facilitate large scale deals, up to the tune of $10bn+, in all transactions within and outside the UK (for example, the US and Canada, as stated above).

    Our services also include working with our clients to reach the financial products and instruments necessary for import and export transactions. Corporations that are into importing and exporting products may face financial or other related constraints during these complicated transactions. Our job is to facilitate the process to the satisfaction of our clients by working with the necessary parties that make the financing of the transaction process as smooth as possible.

    Corporate finance

    By working with us, your company is less prone to the financial risks associated with global trade, particularly with regards to the involvement of your company. We can achieve this by reconciling the diverse needs of your company, whether you happen to be the importer or the exporter. When all these are settled, you are also less prone to management issues along the way.

    How we Help with your Company’s
    Trade Finance

    Finance your business

    Financing your trade is quite different from the conventional form of business finance or issuing credit. We help you sort most trade finance needs by unlocking specialist expertise in trade finance and working with specialist lenders.

    We leverage on our experience in every single transaction requiring our services, working as hard as possible to help you achieve a favourable position. We provide feasible solutions to your financial needs by introducing your company to diverse means of funding.

    Borrow for your business

    We work hand-in-hand with our strategic partners, who have solid lending capabilities. Our partners are a wide range of lenders – corporate, private, institutional and family office lenders, including private and investment banks, merchant banks, trusts, and other capable lending institutions. Our experts work together as a collective team, channelling their expertise and experience towards making your global trade seamless and more profitable.

    Import Financing

    Corporate loans - 1

    Money is always an important issue in import. When importing goods, it is important to view all your options properly and carefully decide which one of them suits your interests better and protects your company books and accounts. You have the option to pay cash directly for your goods or to opt for import financing, which has numerous benefits. The services we offer in import financing include advisory on deal structuring and the introduction of a lender best suited for the situation.

    Business loans 1

    Specifically, we look at your total trade value chain and try to structure deals on the basis of your current credit strengths as well as your on-word buyer strengths. If, for instance, your bank does not want to provide you with a letter of credit (LC), we can find an investor who are able to pay for the goods themselves and then sell to your end buyer themselves with differed payment and wait for your buyer’s payment. We explore these different means and deliver financing solutions that are proven to be low risk and help you successfully complete your import activities and maximize profit.

    Export Financing

    Business finance 1

    It is better for you to be guaranteed some form of payment from your buyer–LCs, escrow cash deposits or if they are a large and credit-worthy entity, payable. As a seller/exporter, waiting for payments from those who purchased goods from you may sometimes take a longer period than anticipated. You cannot wait until the importer/buyer on the other end receives the goods before you get paid.

    Corporate finance 1

    Offering favourable terms to your buyer(s) is one way for you to ensure an increase in your sales. We can help you during this process by providing the necessary deal structures between you and your buyers. These structures will protect your interest and provide you with the necessary cash or capital before shipment. Ultimately, our export financing structure will be a win-win for both you and your purchasers.

    Invoice Discounting

    Finance your business 1

    Invoice discounting is one of the types of advisory projects that we offer companies, to ease their corporate transaction processes. It is a process whereby the unpaid invoices of your company are used as collateral for obtaining a loan. We offer invoice discounting services for loans that can be as high as £2bn. Invoice discounting helps you maintain responsibility for payment chasing, sales ledger and the company’s invoice processing. Throughout this process, your customer will remain unaware that you have taken on financing using the unpaid invoice, right until the moment when your money is paid. Therefore, if as a company, you prefer to keep the transaction confidential from your customers, then invoice financing is a suitable option to go by.

    Borrow for your business - 1

    With invoice discounting, you get to control your credit processes (including chasing late payments). You also get to receive the money for your goods and services way faster, with your customers having no knowledge of our involvement. By allowing us to handle your invoice discounting services, you get the following benefits:

    • Time saving
    • Flexibility of terms and business operations
    • Increased rate of your business growth
    • Improved level of cash flow
    • More negotiating and bargaining power with your suppliers

    Corporate Debt

    Corporate loans - 3

    Corporate debt is also included among our services. We work together with our financial partners in helping your company obtain a short-term or long-term corporate loan of up to £2bn through different instruments and through favorable terms. Asides from loans, companies can secure other debt types like bonds and commercial paper. We offer our services in this area by linking your company to interested lenders who provide you with credit to meet your financing needs.

    Business loans 2

    In terms of corporate debt, we have been involved in a number of situations, including:

    • Management / Leveraged buy-out related debt
    • Debt to finance capital expenditure
    • Debt to finance working capital needs
    • Debt to restructure all liabilities into one manageable debt product

    Gold Mining Related Finance

    Business finance 3

    Debt financing advisory to post-exploration gold mining assets is one of our specialist and niche capabilities that we developed. We work with specialist debt investors who finance gold mining projects that are worth between $20m-$10bn. Countries like China, Russia, Australia, the United States and Canada are known to host some of the biggest gold mining companies in the world. In addition to these countries, other locations like Peru, Indonesia, Ghana, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Sudan, PNG and Kazakhstan contain some of the biggest gold mines in the world. We have the ability and expertise to provide gold-mining related financial advisory services and expertise to clients anywhere in the world, regardless of the location of the gold mine.

    Corporate finance 2

    Many companies and investors are aware of the potential and long-term benefits from gold mining operations due to the constant high value of gold in many markets. We leverage this fact and work hand in hand with these investors to serve as financial consulting partners for your mining operations. We facilitate the relevant deals and supervise every step, protecting your interests throughout the process. At the end of the project, your company’s share of the proceeds is undisputed because the lenders we work with will simply charge their due interest rates and fees.

    Finance your business 2

    Gold mining debt financing will only be open to mining projects which have reputed independent reserve engineering bankable feasibility study (BFS) reports certifying the existence of proven and measured reserves complying with Joint Ore Reserves (JORC) or National Instrument 43-101 ore reserve estimation standards.

    Emerging Markets Sovereign,
    Sub-Sovereign-Backed, Top Local
    Bank Guaranteed Deals

    Borrow for your business - 2

    We also offer sovereign and sub-sovereign debt fund-raising services, ranging between $50m-10bn. Our specialty is large privately negotiated transactions from hedge funds, which offer rapid execution and flexible terms. If the cost of financing drives the client, we are not the best advisors for such clients as the cost of finance from hedge funds is usually higher than benchmark Eurobond or Western bank syndication finance rates. However, such funds could offer financing rapidly and offer a more flexible approach and light in covenants.

    Corporate loans - 6

    Emerging market governments, state-owned companies, and banks (SEOs) work with us on different transactions. The most important reason is to raise capital for strategic infrastructure and other capital expenditure projects. Sometimes we are also contacted for financing needs related to importing necessary goods and commodities.

    For sub-sovereigns (which include SEO, state-owned banks, municipalities, agencies etc.), we facilitate large privately negotiated transactions at very high speed and flexible terms.

    Business loans 3

    We also accept projects from EM private clients, whose risk is guaranteed by top local banks, sovereign or sub-sovereign entities. We mostly refer to banks that have credible S&P, Moody’s, and Fitch Ratings by top local banks.

    We could also perform general project finance work for projects where such guarantees are not offered. However, we will charge retainers for these sorts of projects, and the levels of such retainers will depend on the scope of work involved.

    Business finance 4

    By working with us, we will ensure that we use our expertise and experience in the relevant market to your advantage. We will also strategically use every facility and option at our disposal. You will have the opportunity to focus your company efforts on maximizing your profits and growing your company accounts.

    Regardless of the date and time, we are open for you to contact us through our communication channels available on our website.

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